Saturday, August 02, 2008

Link Haze, 8/02/08.

• Finally, a pertinent LOLcat. (link)
• Jack Lemon's headstone. (link)
• John McCain's tagline. (link)
• Senator Tom Harkin is an idiot. (link)
• Hugo Boss asked consumers to write poster lines for their new cologne. The results were predictable. (link)
• Spiderman is an iPhone man. (link)
• Fucking annoying clock. (link, via)
• Williamsburg's Bipolar Disorder hotline. (link)
• The Drunken Stepfather takes a trip to the post office. (link)
• All last week, HighJive edited corporation's "Diversity" ads by tagging them with anti-diversity sign-offs from the ad agencies. (link)
• Detroit Red Wing Thomas Holmström's cousin used the Stanley Cup to baptize his baby daughter. (link)
• The NYPD is Florida. (link)
• The milk crate butt-ugly. (link)
• Homer is placed in a different spot and snapped for 365 straight days. It's up to Day 204. (link)
• For a $3.37 click-thru fee, music tech blog hyperbot places a link ad on Columbia's Website that reads "Major Labels Are Obsolete." (link)
• July 31st Christmas creep. I hate Christmas. (link)
• Lastly, Hollywood stars' secret porn pasts. (link)


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