Thursday, April 30, 2009

A new, more powerful Vespa...for fatties.

(click ads) Vespa must be really desperate to expand their market beyond the bony hipster. Your ass may be too fat for a scooter seat, but if you can somehow balance your globular immenseness on the new GTS 300 Super, "the most powerful Vespa ever," it'll propel even you forward. Insulting really fat people to target simply overweight people...that's a new one. Ads via New Zealand by Auckland ad agency Colenso BBDO—who previously used a Photoshopped fake-dead cheetah to sell the speed of the GTS 300. (images via).


Blogger Curiouspencil said...

You know, I reckon this is a pretty fucking smart piece of optimistic doublethink failure.

"So guys, how do we code the fact that we've oomphed the engine to such a degree that our bony hipsters will understand that we *mean* you can go at illegal speed without breaking the law by *telling* you?"

"Um, go-faster-stripes?"

"Nah, too obvious"

"Motion blur?"

"Nah, wouldn't get past legal"

"What about fat people - and would you like fries with that?"

12:03 PM  

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