Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not cold medications containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine?

(click image to read) Bananas! Not Cheetos or cigarettes or mayonnaise or Wonder bread or Ritz crackers or motor oil or shotgun shells or American flags or diapers or wifebeaters or tube socks or Wrangler jeans or hair dye or Hefty trash bags or TruckNutz® or Tater Tots®? Huh. Scanned from the latest Bloomberg Businessweek. For your information, I am the son of bona fide coal burnin' squirrel-eatin' outhouse shittin' Appalachian Trail hillbillies. Yes, I've eaten squirrel (not recommended) and shit in several different outhouses. Previously: Walmart tells Argentinian kids don't be perverts.


Blogger Neil said...

So where in Southwest Virginia is your family from? Anywhere near Bristol?

8:29 AM  
Anonymous urban mystic said...

Hey ranter, you must play a mean banjo and the sound of squealing pigs must be music to your ears.


9:50 AM  

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