Tuesday, December 21, 2010

(cool) Disposable Chopsticks Tree Installation in Shanghai.

(click image, via) Wow, this was pretty damn industrious. The China Environmental Protection Foundation, via their ad agency DDB Shanghai, recycled 30 thousand pairs of chopsticks and built this five-meter high tree, broke it, and placed it in a busy district of the city. Copy translation, according to the agency press note:
"Our trees enough to feed us only another 20 years. Every year, China produces 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks which equals about 25 million trees. According to this rate, forest will disappear from China in 20 years."
Volunteers handed out reusable chopsticks at the installation site. Impressive.
Previous Green Chinese ad stunts:
• (nsfw) billboards with big asses placed over industrial drain pipes.
• Pedestrians unwittingly create leafy green tree in Shanghai crosswalk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note to China: Modern forestry is just long-term farming. Plant trees today and the harvest will be ready in less than 20 years.

(To my fellow posters: please don't confuse forestry with clear cutting virgin forests any more than you would confuse the corn fields of Iowa with native prairie land.)

10:29 AM  

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