Monday, March 14, 2011

Link Haze, 3/14/11.

• Eva Braun as Al Jolson.
• Internet tattoo of the day.
• Be still, my hillbilly heart.
• The Big Picture at Carnival.
• Barbecuing a water balloon.
• Augmented Reality Ash Wednesday.
• Kato Kaelin ad for the LA Marathon.
• Does the green tea KitKat taste awesome?
• Rising Sun riffing Japan posters. And one more.
• This NYC "hipster trap" would have been mildly amusing 10 years ago.
• Videos of the Day: Hyena gets punk'd;
and 127 Hours, starring Wile E. Coyote.


Anonymous Nukegrrrl said...

The green tea Japanese Kit Kats are awesome! Also awesome: milk tea flavored Kit Kats and flan flavored Kit Kats.

Not so awesome: the cheese flavored Kit Kats :(

9:15 PM  

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