Monday, August 29, 2011

Must See of the Day: This is how they're packaging meat in Amsterdam.

(click image)
According to Loes, who sent me the image, this is being done to relay that the killed animals had a better life. The Teddy Bears were placed in all the beef and pork packages. I'm guessing this is very pricey meat. Try explaining this to the kids.
Previously in the meat aisle:
Human trafficking awareness advertising comes to your local meat case.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am SO going to Amsterdam to get me some purple teddy bear for lunch. And I thought they were illegal because they're on the endangered species list. Pffft...whatever. Viva la teddy bear cuisine!

When I was a kid, my mother had this killer recipe for the MOST FAB roast teddy bear with teddy liver and sage stuffing. IT WAS TO DIE FOR.

Those packaged teddy bears are quite a bargain, too. Delicious AND thrifty!

But what's with the nasty, bloody livestock chops behind them?


8:29 AM  

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