Monday, July 11, 2005


MORE FUN PRODUCT NAMING: Mac has its OS X Felines (Tiger, Panther, etc.). The Pentagon has its Blades. In Iraq, Operation Scimitar began last week. Scimitar©! Fancy! It’s the 4th in the Summer 2005 Anti-Insurgency Series™, Spear©, Dagger©, and Sword© being its predecessors. One would think “Saber” would have been a more consistent choice. Army brass must be expecting BIG numbers out of…SCIMITAR!

Guys, here’s some names for future offensives, no charge:
Harpoon (Persian Gulf-ish)
Excalibur (joint thrust, with the British forces)
Switchblade (surprise attack)
Plastic Knife (nobody gets hurt)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Operation Proud Badger. And the cute little badger is holding up his fist, black panther-style.

8:58 AM  
Blogger T.A.N. said...

swiss army knife - attack using various, multi-faceted "non-traditional" means. Blogs, television ads, drugs ...etc

I probably should have reversed the order of my word choice for maximum effectivness, no?

mmmm this blog makes me feel so free. it's like walking around naked...

4:13 AM  

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