Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ken Cole. Patriot.

The Worst Copywriter In The History Of Advertising™ again dips into his bottomless bag of bad puns and pulls out maybe the worst groaner yet. Earlier this year, he mocked consumers' spending fears to try sell his handbags. Now, on his billboard location over the West Side Highway (where he previously had bad sex with Eliot Spitzer), Cole gets down on his red, white, and blue knees and begs us to spend money we don't have on cheaply-made merchandise we don't need. His stimulus stunt: 100% of sales tax will be "donated" to pay down the national debt. What bullshit. How 'bout a good old-fashioned sale, Kenny? (image via).


Blogger Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful ad that says nothing, but seems to be great. Like the notation on Bath and Body works products "final product not tested on animals." Great, what about all the ingredients individually?
What I find particularly offensive is that sales tax is state/local and thus will NOT pay down the national debt. Unless Cole is going to match the sales tax and send it to the feds?

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