Thursday, January 21, 2010

Start a revolution, gaily, in $176 distressed jeans.

(click ads, via) Previous print executions for Italian jeans brand Meltin' Pot (tagline: I dream. I am.) have featured hot women in lingerie and pig masks, and a man in a pig mask with hot women in lingerie. Now, for their new 129€ MP 001 pre-beaten-up jeans, we have, finally, a pig mask-less campaign. One scene features a man shooting love shells (penises) out of his cannon (also a penis). The other ad's bomb(penis)-riding shot is reminiscent of Slim Pickens's famous scene from Dr. Strangelove. Stupid. But, more or less stupid than Diesel's new Be Stupid campaign?


Anonymous Vinnie said...

To me that looks like a cannon and nothing else. Penis? Shooting penises? I've heard of this brand; I didn't know, however, that they offered jeans that cost that much. The thing is the Europeans, especially the Italians, have their own unique way of making ads, which is very different, for the most part, from that of the Americans. If you browse thru any Epica book, you'd see what I mean. I love this campaign. It's whimsical, different, funny, etc. I am tired of the same ol' boring jeans campaigns (ala Guess?) feat. models wearing jeans...

3:45 PM  
Blogger copyranter said...

I don't really see penises either. I'm just being a dick. Not a big fan of the campaign, though. Or of Diesel's or of the French Wrangler "We Are Animals" tripe or of the new "Go Forth" Levi's hooey.

3:57 PM  

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