Thursday, March 25, 2010

Conserve resources, or we'll have to go live on Glutax, Kriboon or Actapa.

(click ads, via) The headline, which was translated from French for publicity purposes, should probably read: "It'll be too late to complain once we're finally forced to leave home." Anyway, Paris agency CLM BBDO came up with those goofy planet names (which were including in the press notes) for Noé Conservation, a French association dedicated to protecting biodiversity (2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity). The illustrations, which are pretty cool, were done by Frédéric Perrin. The campaign is running in the daily Metro. Casper Motherfuckin' Van Dien and and the other Starship Troopers will protect us, so I'm not worried.
Wonderful Sci-Fi Channel posters via Italy.
Arthur Radebaugh's cool 1950s futuristic illustrations for National Motor Bearing.


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