Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hyundai: you're trying too hard.

(click images, via) Look at these fucking hideous World Cup promo creations. Talk about your forced design elements. The nets look ridiculous, the side mirrors look idiotic, and the seats look terrible. I do like the wheels. Hyundai has been the official auto of FIFA since 2000. From the press note:
Hyundai has commissioned two very special i10s to be built. Both the i10s are covered in artificial turf and the center circle on the roof is a home to a 1.5 meter tall foot ball. On the other, the vehicle features goal post on the bonnet of the car that driver peers through. Additionally, the other exterior features include the soccer ball wheels and the football shoe mirrors.

The cars will appear at various events in the next month and a half all over South Africa. The drivers better be prepared for hundreds of soccer balls kicked in their general direction. Previous ridiculous ambient auto advertising:
Add to cart: 1 Alfa Romeo.
VW Bug's bloodshot googly-eye hub caps warn against drunk-driving.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

humourous and eye catching: it works.

I wouldnt want to drive one year long but for a day, why not.

its a conversation piece and succeeds at it.

esthetics is a different matter.

4:26 PM  

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