Tuesday, June 01, 2010

NYC Real Estate Ad Watch: One Brooklyn Bridge Park.

(click ad, scanned from last week's Time Out NY) There really is nothing like the hyperbole of NYC real estate advertising. It's been a while since I've spotted a noteworthy local ad—that damn pesky financial Armageddon. Maybe you've seen the TV spot for the One Brooklyn Bridge Park condos in Brooklyn Heights. (tip for next time, slicksters: hire a professional v/o talent, instead of using "some woman from the office.") The illustrated couple—Vanessa and Stephen—are, of course, two immensely unlikable people. But not as unlikable as the bearded moneyed fauxhemian here sharing a "flirtation on the terrace" with "Audrey." At least they're clearly defining their target audience. Knowing how these processes work, I'm imagining the number of edits Beard Douche's copy block went through. Audrey's patterned mini-dress is precious. To view a selection of some of the worst NYC real estate ads of recent years, start here.


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