Monday, August 23, 2010

Have you hugged HIV bear today?

Well then that's OK! Because you can't contract the HIV virus by hugging. Now, if Huggy Bear had turned into Humpy Bear, well then, that would have been scary. Also, why is HIV represented by a lumpy-headed tattoo-faced man with big hoop earrings? Video, by Zeitsprung Commercial in Germany, has been on YouTube (low # of views) for almost a year, but just got circulated to the ad blogs this week. It is stupid. More stupid than people wearing condoms on their tongues? Maybe.
Previous noteworthy HIV awareness ads
: H-I-Very racing ad via Italy (nsfw) • Hair of the Infected Dog (nsfw) • MTV uses old-timey porn (nsfw) to promote condom usage • His 12 hands were all over me • Louis has used 14,123 condoms in his life!


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