Wednesday, February 23, 2011

F*CK YOU, Tropicana orange juice.

(click ad, via) You've got to kidding with this ad, right DDB London? OJ makes Monday "the best day of all?" That bottle better be half fucking vodka (or washing down 2 Klonopins) to put even the slightest happy-dent in my fucking Monday. From the agency press note:
"Stunningly simple, the bright and visually engaging artwork reflects the optimism of the Tropicana brand, using a different pep-talk mantra each day to encourage the reader to think positively about the day ahead, and attack it in a Tropicana way."
Shut the fuck up, Tropicana.
Here's the other four ads from the campaign.
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Blogger MycDazzle said...

I literally laughed my ass off at this -- Damn right, it better be half fuckin' vodka. Horrible ad.

2:30 AM  

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