Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Maybe the coolest commercial ever shot using balloons.

For MTV in Brazil. I spy Slash. Ad agency: Loducca, São Paulo. Director: Dulcidio Caldeira. How this inflated flip card vid was shot: Balloons were fastened onto a 200 meter long rail, and lined up via laser guide. To achieve a moving picture effect, 10 balloons had to be popped per second, or 600 balloons per minute. It took nearly 24 straight hours to shoot the multiple takes needed. It doesn't make me want to watch MTV, though. Previous South American MTV spots:
• MTV is, literally, the SHIT.
• MTV Argentina's creepy horny baby.
• MTV gym class features boys with raging hard-ons.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that *IS* great - thanks for posting that!!! i am sending that to my god daughter, who works at MTV in nyc.


9:32 AM  

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