Monday, May 09, 2011

Pepsi has produced the dumbest baseball ad ever.

Not even one slightly humorous moment. All the players are dead? That's a serene thought. The only smart part of the spot is that fat-assed CC Sabathia is drinking diet soda. What a forced, unoriginal piece of cow dung. And the smug Pepsi driver spokesjerk is major league unlikable. Ad agency: BBDO NYC, I think (correct me if I'm wrong). Related: via Japan, the craziest baseball commercial ever.


Anonymous spencer said...

That Pepsi truck driver is an unlikable ass throughout this campaign. I think the saddest moment of this particular spot is at the end, when Ozzie Smith does a backflip and lands with a look that says, "where the hell am I, and how do I get back to the Retirement Castle?"

8:26 PM  
Anonymous mrjohn said...

did the guy on the organ wander in from an old Budlight CM?

10:31 PM  

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