Monday, August 29, 2011

Burger King in-restaurant poster is senseless.

(click image)
Snapped in a Tampa BK. Read it a couple of times. Take in the flaky, buttery stupidity. Be happy that you didn't write it. Now, go on with your day. Via flickr. Thanks Vinnie. I wonder if this is leftover cp+b work? Previous bad Burger King print ads: 100% wrong • and, the infamous sex doll blow job ad via Singapore.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to a Burger King for the first time in years and on their soda fountain they have stickers suggesting soda pairings for different menu items.

Yeah, I'll let the soak in.

Pity the poor sap who had to write these, I bet he still feels itchy:

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Brook said...

I think the pop-pairings are kinda fun and quirky. It's just a joke.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They've had these signs in BK for a couple of years now.
They have them for all their food, it's even on the french fry cardboards.

2:52 PM  

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