Thursday, September 01, 2011

Funny Brazilian Alcoholics Anonymous ads.

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Loose copy translation: "Alcohol affects your balance. But it doesn't just knock over you." Well, just don't go drinking with loved ones tied to you, but if you do, then don't walk on unfinished bridges or near the edge of a cliff. Drinking problem solved. Plus you don't need to hire a babysitter. Ad agency: Torres. This is the third Brazilian AA campaign I've covered in the last 15 months. (Country full of drunks?) Here's the other two: Graphically pleasingInsane.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The campaigns from Brazil are likely scam ads. They certainly violate AA objectives and procedures for communicating through the media. For starters, the organization’s commitment to anonymity prohibits showing people in messages – even if the images are stock (after all, how do you know the stock people in the ads aren’t AA members?). Additionally, the organization has a position that states “attraction rather than promotion” – which would prohibit even referring to any effort as advertising. You can see some of the organization’s PSAs and media guidelines at the official website.

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