Monday, October 24, 2011

Creepy Japan: Creepy Robotic Clapping Hands.

Created by Masato Takahashi, a researcher at Keio University, who crafted them from molds of his own arms. He believes that they can be used at concerts to enhance the sound of real clapping or as clapping avatars which allow online viewers to applaud via robots installed onsite at the performance. He’s even said they would make good “spanking machines”.
You think they're creepy now? Wait ten years, when arenas all over the world are filled with them as our machine overlords stage one-sided death matches between human slaves and indestructible killer robots. Their perfect clapping will be the last sound we hear.
Just another reminder that Japan owns creepy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they sound like castanets...


11:31 AM  

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