Monday, January 18, 2010

In Thailand, even the cookies flash you.

(click ads, via) Previously in the skeevy sex capital of the world, we've seen E.D. humor used to sell fabric softener, and farm animal necrophilia used to sell meat seasoning. Now, via print ads by Bangkok ad agency K I D, pixlelated naughty bits are used to sell chocolate and strawberry-filled cookies or biscuits or something (a Lotte product, whose name means "sweetheart of your mouth"). Note the pixelations: wang for the male koala bear cookie, and breasts and nookie for the pink bear cookie. Why is the copy line not "EAT ME!!!"?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Koala cookies are good (I think, anyway), but I might never eat them again after those ads

5:08 AM  
Anonymous end of innocence said...

Golly Gee, how cute and pixie like.

Imagine a more provocative treatment with 'black bars of censorship' slapped on their nether regions with the copy line 'For your eyes and mouth only'.

2:37 PM  

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