Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brooklyn Bushmills whiskey poster gets nicely hijacked.

(click, via New York Shitty)
On purified Bedford Ave.
Previously: McDonald's billboard in Bristol gets hijacked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same assholes who made that ironic-tee-shirt-on-a-subway-ad are the fuckwads who gentrified the neighborhood in the first place. AAAARRRGH!! I HATE these smarmy, snot-nosed little pricks.

Why don't they all go back to whatever midwestern state or NYC exurb rock they were born under and let the people they make fun of have an affordable place to live (like the bodega guy, the cabbie, the busboy, the cashier are Target...).

Like a forest that occasionally requires a fire to maintain its ecosystem's balance, this city is waaaayyy overdue for a good old-fashioned race riot - purge these fuckers.

10:36 AM  

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