Monday, August 17, 2009

China apparently has a big domestic violence problem.

(click image) First, bleeding, disturbing DV awareness packages were mailed out to 20 million Chinese households. And now, starting in June, these in-your-face punchy ambient posters were placed on the doors of Beijing office buildings and shopping malls. Copy translation: Nearly 30% of women in China experience domestic violence. If you don't help to stop it, you're just adding to her problems. Call 12338 if you know a woman is being abused. The posters were created by Beijing ad agency DMG on behalf of the All-China Women's Federation. Again, like with the eye-tracking Berlin bus stop poster, this stunt seems like it was hatched mostly to be ad award bait (not a winner, in my opinion). But, I guess, if it makes one Chinese man pause his hand, etc. (via) Previously in: anti-domestic violence ads.


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