Tuesday, August 04, 2009

To curb domestic violence, Chinese organization mails out 20 million bleeding envelopes.

(click image) Uh, this must be for you, hon. Once opened, the recipient (addressed to the man of the house, I guess?) was prompted to build a very disturbing scene of spousal abuse. According to the press notes from the China Organization Against Domestic Violence, this macabre arts & craft 3-D mailer (translated line: Cover it, or uncover it?) "prevented 2,376 possible domestic violence incidents in China." Really? Do you know how many it caused by giving the abusers ideas? A chair! That does make a good battering thingie. Also: what an awful illustration. Previously in: domestic violence awareness advertising.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


If has the press notes state that the campaign effectively prevented 2376 possible domestic violence incidents in China, what about the countless 'paper cuts' this mail out might have caused?

On a more serious note, why was the couple drawn as Cauc and not Asian?

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