Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ad Creep Update: hairy straphanging.

(click image) Ponytailvertising. Unorthodox, skeevy ambient ad placement, via Indonesia. Johnny Andrean, a well-known local beauty salon franchise, sought to cheaply promote a new hair strengthening product. So, their ad agency, Fortune, hung these hair (fake, I hope) handles with product cards in some Jakarta commuter trains. I don't see this type of hype ever happening on my A train ride (image via). Previously in: scary ambient ads. Previously in: Ad Creep.


Anonymous E. Scissorhands said...

...So, their ad agency, Fortune, hung these (fake, I hope) hair handles...

A possible silver lining in all of this is that in Mumbai, Aishwarya, Anila, Bharat, Chanda, Darshana, Gita, Indira, Jyotsna, Kalyani, Kashi, Lakshmi, Manjulia, Nikhila, Parvati, Rupinder, Saraswati, Shakuntala and families were able to upgrade slightly their slum dwellings.

5:29 PM  
Blogger copyranter said...

Thank you Edward. Now get back to your ice sculpting.

5:45 PM  

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