Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Mexico's Children, Youth and Families Dept. renames state "Jurkistan."

(click ads) Ha? New Mexico apparently has a high rate of domestic violence. "It's the way men are here," reads the copy (you have to read the copy to fully take this campaign in) But these print ads—created by a two-person agency in Minneapolis—for the CYFD of New Mexico, are pretty damn bizarre. And insulting! Both to New Mexicans and to all countries that end in -stan. Yes, they're riffing off the barbaric treatment of women in many Muslim countries. But, don't let the Jurks win? YIKES! Tonally off a bit, maybe? The phone number is the real one for the organization, so I'm assuming the ads are legit (images via and via, thanks to John for the tip). Previous stops on the Domestic Violence Awareness Ad Tour: China. China again. Berlin. Lisbon. Lisbon again. The UK. Rhode Island. And New York City.


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