Monday, November 02, 2009

Cheesy 1970s t-shirt finally becomes a lube ad.

(click ad) For you youngsters, it's this t-shirt. The culprit is K-Y via Hamburg, Germany ad agency Kolle Rebbe. I've thoroughly covered the classy lube advertising category here over the last 4+ years. Previously, we've seen a rabbit in a mason jar via Spain. A fisting from inside an ass via Switzerland. A choo-choo stuck in the poo-poo via Australia. And, fruity wet holes via Germany. Where's this one rate? I'd say, it's the lamest of the bunch. How 'bout you? (scanned from the latest Archive)


Anonymous Pussy Galore said...

It's not a 'pest' control ad so the following copy I think would have reinforced the intended visual message:

What goes up must come down
What goes in must come out

Oh and the cat should have been winking.

5:05 PM  

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