Monday, November 30, 2009

Humongous Helping Human HandVertising of the 1950s.

(click ads, via) Even more disconcerting than that other 50s ad theme—Floating HeadVertising—was this Brobdingnagian hands art direction motif. (L) Douglas engineers, frustrated by power lost via airplane exhaust, enlarged themselves with an embiggening ray so that they could then give their DC-7s little pushes across America. (R) A 1,000-foot tall Union Carbide scientist, excited about new business opportunities in India, gave locals a little test tube taste of "things to come"—20,000 dead Indians.


Blogger Tasha Burns said...

Thank you for using the word "embiggen." It is, after all, a perfectly cromulent word.

6:24 PM  

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