Friday, February 05, 2010

another f*cking fashion magazine.

It's titled Coitus (sorry Gays?), "the hottest magazine of the decade!" Issue #1 is out, but limited to 1,000 copies. They boast:
"The reinvention of the fashion magazine has finally arrived with the long awaited release of Coitus. Bringing together fashion, youth, and a unique perception, the Coitus team has risen to the challenge and is proud to present the resulting publication. Stepping back from the strict boundaries of haute couture photography...Coitus delivers fresh young faces showcased in conjunction with intrinsic illustration designed to create a harmony between the reader and the page."
Here's a video of shirtless boys making coitus to the camera (via Homotography).
Tom Ford hates hetero men.
Big for Fall from CK—The Hurt Locker look.
Annoying fashion ad trend: jumping models.
The posing of male fashion models—Deep Think.
Do you like my two new Comme des Garçons shirts?


Anonymous hotspur said...

It is suiting that days have gone by without anyone commenting on a new fashion magazine.

Also that promo crap is hilar. When I was 22 or so I saw a terrible band at CBGB's and they left flyers all over the bar with a description of themselves. I still remember it:

"Once in an era, a band comes along with the talent, the musicianship, the skill, the style, and the vision to take it all the way and change the world of music forever." +200 words more. I forget what they were called. They sounded like a Rush cover band.

12:02 PM  

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