Monday, February 08, 2010

Team of Kobe Bryants give Brazilian model rapey eyes.

(click images) Two shots from an editorial spread in the latest issue of Brazilian fashion mag ffw. The woman is CK and Nike (among others) model Ana Cláudia Michels, according to homotography. #24 is, of course, a confirmed horndog. The one guy looks a little like him. Ha. Next month: A-Rod. Previously: Unable to find a French basketball player who could dunk or even make a layup, Nike resorts to shooting a Crazy Horse dancer.


Anonymous hotspur said...

Since when does any NBA team look like a bunch of wieners in a failed boy band? And not to be crude, but since when would they stop to gawk en masse at such a pale sexless mannequin when there is an easily attainable (for them) bevy of the Beyoncesque and Kardashianian?

These photos are dumb! DUMB!

12:13 PM  

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