Friday, March 05, 2010

Link Haze, 3/5/10.

• Oscar® cookies.
• Uncle Sam in Japan.
• McCain gets Avatarred.
• Real or not, he's hilarious.
Alice In Wonderland, 1903.
• H&M male model has no penis.
• Fuckin fine sterling silver rings.
• An anti-smoking street sculpture?
• Now THIS is how to advertise glue.
• Vodka name means "2 penises in 1 hole."
Plan B: Chicago ad agency/abortion clinic.
• The last four minutes of Air France flight 447.
• Cool—abandoned heavy machinery near Moscow.


Blogger Homage said...

One notes that the Urban Dictionary entry for "rangtang" now contains on-the-fly ad copy for RangTang Vodka. Crisis averted!

7:40 PM  

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