Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Scientific proof that men hate two-dimensional plastic women.

(via: adme.ru) Mor Çati (Purple Roof), a Turkish domestic violence awareness organization, wanted to slam home the point that men can be woman-battering monsters. So, they erected these street posters in Istanbul and recorded the violence visited upon the plastic poster ladies—all committed by men, according to the local office of ad agency TBWA. Headline translation: "I want freedom." And then, the line under the broken off limbs: "from violence."
First off, it looks like some of the limb breakers were more boy than man. And secondly, how do I know that these angry males weren't agency employees or people paid by the agency? Thirdly, if these posters featured male models jumping for joy, their limbs would have broken off sooner and violent-er.
Previous interactive domestic violence advertising:
• China: open the door, punch her in the face.
• Lisbon: men's room soap dispensers dispense faux blood.
• Berlin: one second he's punching her, the next, hugging her.
• Germany: fake beating window scenes greet X-mas shoppers.


Anonymous Madison said...

Don't they teach you that if you HAVE TO; always hit an inanimate object INSTEAD of a human (e.g. hit a pillow - classic diversion lesson in kindergartens)?
Would like to see the statistics if the cut outs were of local politicians....

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell, I'd like to see the statistics if the cutouts were toothbrushes. Ads get vandalized by young punks--that's just a fact of life. If they're sticking out of frame, that's practically begging someone to swat at it.

Not to put down what is probably a very noble organization. But as evidence of the inherent violence of men, it's a little facile.

1:37 PM  

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