Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas domestic violence window displays via Germany.

(click image) 'Tis the season. According to the press note accompanying this adhesive foil window campaign by Ogilvy's Frankfurt office, 20% of women living in partnerships in German-speaking countries have been victims of domestic violence. That's depressing. Working on behalf of an intervention center in the city of Landau, the agency says they put up these fake beating scenes over the windows of several high visibility apartments with the translated message "looking away supports violence." Consider this the low-tech sister campaign to the "it happens when nobody is watching" eye-tracking bus poster that was erected in Berlin (via).
Previous stops on the worldwide domestic violence awareness ad tour: the UK (Keira Knightley gets the shit kicked out of her). Lisbon (fake blood soap dispensers). Lisbon again (screaming ad strips). China (fake bloody envelopes). China again (punchy door posters). New Mexico. Rhode Island. And NYC.


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