Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toronto Smart Car promo would not have worked in NYC.

(click image) Gotham's hubristic cutting edge thieves would've smirked at this stunt, and stolen the cute oversized bike lock inside of 10 minutes after it was installed. Just ask all the New Yorkers who thought for sure they had their street-parked bikes "securely" locked. Anyway, another noteworthy winner (outdoor bronze lion) from Cannes 2010 created by the Toronto office of BBDO. The agency moved this installation around to various high visibility spots in the city.
Previous cute Cannes 2010 winners: Polo mintsSupor non-stick pans.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aux contraire. T.O. has a decent rep for bike thievery and per capita is often cited as North America's bike theft capital.

6:10 PM  

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