Monday, July 26, 2010

The Perth Zoo has artistic elephants.

(click ads, via) For you dolts out there who know even less about art than me, the two Photoshop-abused pachyderms above represent Van Gogh and Warhol. Anyway, the Perth Zoo has two elephants named Tricia and Permai who, apparently, make artwork using their trunks, their feet, and even paintbrushes. From the press note:
"The elephants...create paintings as part of an enrichment program designed to keep them stimulated, healthy and happy. Funds raised from their artworks go towards Perth Zoo's Wildlife Conservation Action to help protect threatened species worldwide."
$40 seems a fair price. I'd just like to point out to the Perth Zoo curators that if they want Tricia or Permai to recreate an iconic Warhol, just get them to piss on some copper. Previously in: Photoshop Animal Abuse.


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