Friday, July 09, 2010

Useless Green Marketing Stunt of the Week.

(click image) It's actually left over from my noteworthy Cannes 2010 advertising festival winners collection. It's a street tree canvas created for the China Environmental Protection Foundation by DDB China. Here's how it worked: the canvas was placed in pedestrian crossings in Shanghai. (My guess, knowing how these fancy ad award-grab efforts work? It was placed in exactly one crossing.) On both sides of the crossing were sponge cushions soaked with washable green paint. Pedestrians—knowingly and unknowingly—stepped on the sponges and subsequently turned the barren tree into a leafy environmental statement. This won a gold design lion and soiled many a pair of shoes. (Wonder if any dawdling walkers were killed?) Considering how China has just recently fallen fast in love with automobiles, this feels more like an ironic art project to me.
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Anonymous Jenny said...

Well, China is actually investing a HUGE amount of money in green tech R&D. More than any other country, I think, proportionally speaking. And it has set goals for several of its most polluted cities to be all electric cars by 2025. Now this might simply push the problem out into the rural areas if it can't get past coal, but it is literally betting the farm on green energy technology.

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