Monday, August 02, 2010

Day of the Swimming Dead.

(click ad, from 1936, via) "He?" Forget his "vacation hair"—LOOK at that face. Zombies are real, and were getting hair tonic ad model work in the 30s. Either that, or Kreml saved on model fees and dressed up a puppet? Or maybe he swims so much, he's starting to turn into a fish? The copy does offer a slight clue: "Forget those sticky dust-catching gigolo (italics mine) concoctions that plaster your hair down tight to your scalp." So, maybe they purposely cast a hideous carnival freak so's to make us average-looking folk feel better about ourselves? Maybe he's the CEO's son? WHY DID THEY USE THIS MAN IN THIS AD?
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Anonymous Love in the Dumps said...

actually, that's how I look when I go on vacation with my parents

1:40 PM  

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