Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Porter! Roll me to the grocery for some Grape-Nuts post-haste!"

(click ad, from 1931, via) Teeth can't train on MUSH." Derby + track shoes! Oh, to be able to travel back in time to witness the photo shoot for this ridiculously illogical ad. Previous insane retro Grape-Nuts ads: Creepy anthropomorphised box of Grape-Nuts removes corpse from bed • Creepy anthropomorphised box of Grape-Nuts steadies a small-headed businessman.


Anonymous Audwina said...

I love me some Grape Nuts, but non-fans just don't get it. They accuse me of eating "granny cereal".

10:29 AM  
Anonymous franCo. said...

After an arduous day at the 'Ministry of Silly Walks', Wendell needed a more comfortable, unencumbered mode of transportation to complete his other chores.

7:21 PM  

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