Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Walmart tells Argentinian kids: stay in school, don't be pervs.

(click ads, via) "Studying makes the difference." The world's largest corporation now has over 4,000 stores outside of the U.S. Here, via the Buenos Aires office of ad agency JWT, they've created "community engagement" ads with cutesy little "what if" vignettes featuring Newton and Galileo. See, if the father of modern science hadn't been a bookworm, he might have just used his fancy telescope to peep at hot Italian housewives. And Newton would have just eaten apples and napped all day, or something. Walmart. Making the world a better (whiter) place 200,000 square feet at a time.


Blogger nobody said...

I hate Walmart, but these are some pretty cool ads.

Course, maybe they could release one that says, "Study, or you will be stuck working here." Probably more effective.

1:08 PM  

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