Monday, September 20, 2010

Sideways eye-vagina is watching your children.

(click ad, via) Eye eye eye!!! SC Johnson (tagline: A Family Company), the 124-year-old maker of such toxic household staples as Pledge, Windex, and Raid, wanted to warn Indonesian parents to keep one wary eyebrow-less eye on what their children look at on TV and the Internet. So, being a family company, they eye-fucked us. (This visual trick has been done in ads many times before, but never by such a prominent company. See here for examples.) Ad By DraftFCB in Jakarta. PreviouslyinVaginaVertising (nsfw). update: the ad agency emailed to say that this was a fake ad that never ran. they asked me to pull it, which I won't.


Anonymous Bhaskar Rao said...

Thank you for updating your post. Just a point of clarification. Rather than a spec ad, it was a total fake. It was never presented to or sold to the client. It was never presented to or approved by agency management, and should never have been issued anywhere externally. Instead, using his personal e-mail account during off hours, a member of our creative team in Indonesia violated our corporate policy and sent this unapproved and tasteless image to a couple creative blogs without any authorization whatsoever. We were both embarrassed and upset, which is why we asked you to take down the ad. Since you have chosen to keep it on your site, we just want to make clear to your readers that this ad was a total fake, and we have let the individual involved go due to his serious lapse in judgment. We sincerely apologize to SC Johnson and anyone this ad may have offended. Kind Regards, Bhaskar Rao, Draftfcb Indonesia

11:50 AM  

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