Friday, September 24, 2010

This week's vintage ad that made women look like idiots.

(click ad, from a 1952 Life magazine, via) Not often you see the word "plaint" in an ad. Also: three methods of suicide. Sweetheart, you better put that small caliber girlie gun in your mouth, to make sure. Or, just pick up some of Charles Antell's Formula 9 shampoo. Previous vintage ads that made women look like idiots:
the "housewife headache."
drink Dr. Pepper and "be a Mindsticker."
Horsewoman refuses to buy Electrolux fridge.
Give me the damn car keys and go vaccum, Mrs. McCrash.
make women with bad breath wear bells around their necks.


Anonymous Ninny said...

Why did this remind me of Sledge Hammer commenting "I'd shoot myself, but this thing wouldn't part my hair"?

3:27 AM  

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