Monday, September 27, 2010

This will (maybe) be the dumbest ad I post this week.

(click ad, scanned last week) Cirque de Doucheil. No, it's not the dumbest ad I've ever seen. (That's probably this one or maybe this one.) But why—you may be asking yourself—are these two jackass acrobats reading their laptop/newspaper in such a jackassy way? They're travelers FINDING BALANCE. GET IT? A previous ad from this campaign featured a female acrobat balancing an apple on her toe. Both ads are part of Residence Inn's new campaign tagged "master the long trip." See the apple toe woman ad and others, and read Marriott's strategic explanation here. Previously: today's ad headline that's invited to fellate copyranter's penis.


Anonymous Looking For Boobs in all the Wrong Places said...

And just above the fire are two mantle objects strategically positioned as either eyes or boobs.

8:13 AM  

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