Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Was Ben Franklin a flaming homo? Discuss.

(click ad, scanned from my Advertising Week 2010 guide) Answer: apparently no. The 7th annual autoerotic circle jerk known as Advertising Week NYC is going down this week. Yesterday, a LGBT discussion panel was held at the Paley Center. This is how the Publicis Groupe chose to promote the event. I guess(?) they're attempting to visualize gay consumer spending? This kind of murky creative just makes me ill. Previous terrible Advertising Week ads: Kirshenbuam creatives blow Richard KirshenbaumY&R thanks me for fucking you.


Anonymous farting preacher said...

@ "Was Ben Franklin a flaming homo?

NO! but a lecherous, indiscriminate, old fart it seems:

Benjamin Franklin, the founding father who “discovered” electricity by flying a kite during a lightning storm, admitted engaging in what he called “foolish intrigues with low women,” meaning that, basically, he banged anything with breasts. In fact, visitors would often arrive to find Ben having sex with a parlor maid. Moral Ben also wrote essays on how to select a mistress (i.e., pick an older woman) and avoid farting (by drinking perfume).

In 1737, he came up with the first formal list of American slang words for drunkenness (he came up with an impressive 228). And, according to a book called Satan’s Assassins written by Brad Steiger and Warren Smith, Ben also dabbled in the occult (maybe that’s where the separation of church and state comes from).


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Blogger Jenni B said...

Wouldn't Lincoln have been more appropriate?

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