Monday, October 18, 2010

Kazakhstani man waiting patiently to beat his wife's brains in with a rolling pin?

(click ad, via) Won't you, dear perceptive copyranter readers, please help me clarify what's going in this ad for Cafe Malina—apparently a coffee shop type place that's "now open 24 hours." As I interpret it, this man's wife is at the moment enjoying some coffee and such with her girl buddies? And—in a cheeky/horrible twist on the old cliche of the wife waiting up to berate her man for coming home drunk—the husband is staying up all night to assault his over-caffeinated wife? Ad by TBWA Kazakhstan.
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Anonymous -1-track-mind- said...

Due to a rash of unprecedented home burglaries in Kazakhstan, ever vigilant, well attired and overly caffeinated Kazakhstani citizen awaits possible intruders.

Your take, ranter, would make sense if the wardrobe mister/mistress had Kazakhstani man in a white sleeveless t-shirt, also referred to as a muscle shirt or more to the point, a 'wifebeater'.

1:58 PM  

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