Wednesday, November 10, 2010

George Clooney, John Malkovich (as God) return for Nespresso.

(via) Clooney's been the European face of the Nestlé coffee brand since 2006. Last November, Malkovich hopped on that Euro commercial gravy train when, in a spot needlessly directed by Robert Rodriguez, he killed Clooney with a falling piano (to get a hold of his Nespresso purchase). This one is even less funny. Notice that it's not Clooney's voice that yells "taxi!" I guess the client didn't want to pay him for a one-word patch. As with all the Nespresso spots, it includes hot women eye-fucking Georgie (a creative element that's probably in his Nespresso contract).
Ad agency: McCann Paris.
Al Pacino is concurrently endorsing a different brand of coffee in Australia. That scenario is the beginning of a bad star-powered comedy script. Previously in embarrassing overseas star product endorsements:
Jude Law (Russia)
Jackie Chan (China).
Kevin Spacey (the UK).
Quentin Tarantino (Russia).


Blogger Art Rock said...

These commercials are unfunny and downright crinchworthy. Moreover, they show Clooney cannot act at all (especially the previous one with the dropping piano kill - simply awful acting).

Browse tour blog every day - keep it up!

8:25 AM  
Blogger vix said...

yeah, all of 'em quite sad and depressing. by the way, you might have lost these "pearls" featuring Dustin' the counter Hoffman, for another coffee. Here's the link to the whole "necklace". Enjoy

6:06 AM  

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