Thursday, November 18, 2010

German energy company builds igloo made of 322 refrigerators.

(click image, via) Why did ad agency DDB Germany erect this monument to energy waste? To illustrates two points: one, us humans waste a kilo-shitload of energy on a daily basis. And two, to promote Entega as a progressively Green energy company.
Constructed in Hamburg, the igloo of running fridges (dripping wet with irony) was toasty on the inside, while it was nippy outside. The messaging on the sign: "Wastefulness is the biggest source of energy. With more efficient use of energy, Germany could save 40%." The installation was up for two weeks, ending November 9th. Pretty impressive and blatantly contradictory—which I guess if the stunt proves effective, I can forgive. Unlike with this World Water Day promo which you had to waste water to read, or these treehuggers...made of cardboard.
Below, a time lapse video of the making of "Der Stromfresser" (the electricity hog).
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