Tuesday, December 14, 2010

F*cked Up Fashion Shoot of the Week: Barney's NYC.

(click image) Image from the luxury department store's Holiday catalog titled "Have a Foodie Holiday." In the opening pages, they tell us that they are "proud to be contributing to the Food Bank of NYC" this season. They don't say how much. Shot by former ad hack Nobuyoshi Araki on the Iron Chef America set, the layouts include models wearing food hats made of dead crabs, fruit, vegetables, and the most disturbing image, right—a dead squid wig (Her necklace can be yours for $80,500.) Was the head food then donated to Food Bank (eww), or just thrown in garbage? That's what I thought. Two years ago in their "Have a Hippie Holiday" catalog, Barney's featured a pair of ludicrous peace sign slippers for $440.
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