Friday, February 04, 2011

1984: William H. Gates III for The Wall Street Journal.

(click ad, via) As a commenter at Vintage Ads said, "Insert disk 1 of 14." User-friendly? Still waiting for that benefit. I really do feel sorry (no I don't) for you poor Windows slaves.
Previously in Bill Gates in ads:
Promoting atheism.
• as a penis promoting condoms.
• and, morphed with Elvis promoting a South African retail chain.


Anonymous Joel MaHarry said...

"In fact, it's so user friendly, that all you need to know about Word is contained in these six large binders here behind me."

Interesting column in Fastco Design yesterday about some of the thinking behind the Mac's self-contained design philosophy. The Apple II had the kind of open architecture tech dweebs babble on and on about — similar to Windows machines or many open source applications today. This created a literally infinite number of compatibility problems, as Apple's engineers could never predict how the machine would interact with various monitors, graphics cards, printers, etc etc. So they locked all that shit down by taking control of design, hardward, software, peripherals. Thank god — I've saved thousands of hours of frustration over the years thanks to my various Macs.
I guess it's not nearly as bad as it once was, but the interfaces on an Android phone or a Windows machine today are shockingly, amateurishly bad. At least to a Mac user.

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