Thursday, March 10, 2011

Long-lasting gum creating mutant South African kids.

(click ads, via) There you have. Chew Stimorol Infinity, and soon you too will have the jaw of the star of Maniac Cop, Robert Z'Dar. Ad agency: Ogilvy, Cape Town. Stride gum previously did the long-lasting strategy with a used gum craigslist ad.
I've posted lots and lots of gum ads in the last six years. Here's a roundup:
Mint Z (WTF?).
5 Gum (idiotic).
Orbit (tasteless).
Orbit (disgusting).
HappyDent (creepy).
HappyDent (terrible).
Hubba Bubba. (kinda funny).
• and the most elaborate gum commercial ever produced (cool).


Anonymous P D said...

Kind of you to refrain from making a Courtney Thorne-Smith joke.

12:24 PM  

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