Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Link Haze, 4/20/11.

• Happy Easter, Zombies.
• Fairly humorous Stihl spot.
• Doorway owl is never satisfied.
• Whiskey dick cured by Viagra beer?
Motorcycle made from watch parts.
• Toyota does umbilical cord-vertising.
• No, Obama haters aren't racist at all.
• Lost in translation Chinese businesses.
• Where was this Slurpee technology when I was a kid?
• Unzip your pants, frat boys, here's your 2011 St. Pauli Girl.
Videos of the Day: this optimistic kid is the anti-copyranter;
and a Chinese man lives the dream of driving bumper cars in traffic.


Blogger Jaye Schmus said...

At least they're honest about it.

11:31 PM  

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