Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Homoerotic vintage men's underwear ad of the week.

(click ad from 1952, via)
"Why are you staring at my comfort pouch, Rick?"
"I was just wondering if you have it tucked in, Steve."
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

At that time this was considered bold, innovative. Today, we find it funny. I'm talking about both the underwear and the ad itself.

Munsingwear was a Minneapolis based knitting firm that from the late 19th century defined the cutting edge of undies innovation. Throughout most of the next century - until the factory closed in 1981 - it was instrumental in ushering in underwear's eventual transformation from pure functionality to real fashion statements.

The company took marketing/advertising to risque heights too, as it is evident from this as well as its other ads.

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